Why don’t you beer me up, buttercup, baby…

Opposite of Buttercup, my newfound love for beer has brought me up, instead of bringin’ me down. Unless you’re a Giant’s fan and you need a beer to brave the storm:


Turning 21 comes with new responsibilities like gambling, drinking and marriage. This is a video of what kids do when they turn 21:

If you cannot already tell, my favorite out of the three is drinking. Interning at the Manhattan District Attorney’s office and living in White Plains, New York means that I have to commute.


Every morning and evening I walk through the beautiful Grand Central Station. In the morning I stop at Starbucks and at night I stop at Beer Table, a craft beer seller and professional hole-in-the-wall.


Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 2.48.42 PM

Beer Table offers a curated selection of 100+ bottled beers: stouts, pilsners, pale ales and Indian Pale Ales that are produced locally at microbreweries. Beer Table also offers snacks and rare ingredients for preparing home-cooked meals like kimchi, pickles and pretzels.


When I stepped in, immediately a clerk asked for my ID and begun to pour me samples of their favorite beers. No more than 4 patrons and 3 workers can fit inside the store, which became evident as the workers were reaching over my 5-foot body to hand out more samples.


I was intimidated by the older and much more wiser women who were selecting their beers. In the back of my mind I couldn’t stop thinking, do I tell them I don’t have a beer palate and if I ask for help, would they look at me like I am a dumb, young girl?


I sucked it up and asked for help. I self-consciously said, “I just turned 21 two weeks ago and don’t have a beer palate, but I believe I like dark beers.” It had felt like a lifetime, as I was waiting for an uncomfortable response, then the worker had finally looked and me and brought me two steps to the right. “Here are three dark beers that I enjoy: Fat Dog, Old Rasputin and Whisper Tail,” he said. “Fat Dog is my favorite though.”


Fat Dog it was and the two days later was Old Rasputin.


Tonight will probably be Whisper Tail and who knows what would be in store for next week.




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