Ghost Kitchens Haunt GrubHub and Seamless users (OooOOooOOo)


Yesterday, it was uncovered that some of the restaurants featured on GrubHub and Seamless are fake.

If you have been actually going outside and moving your feet for the past 5 years, this is what GrubHub and Seamless, the delivery service is like:

The food at the ‘ghost restaurants’ have been cooked in low-grade, or even unregulated, “ghost kitchens!” How spooky?! A survey of 100 top customer rated restaurants on these two sites, revealed that over 10% were “ghost” listings.  Imagine, your Pad Thai being cooked on a gas burner down that scary ally behind your house surrounded by mouse poison. It could happen and has happened.

Some restaurants try to increase their revenue and likeness by changing their name on GrubHub or Seamless. For example, the GrubHub listing for “Really Chinese,” at 235 E 31st St. in Manhattan, you guessed it, is not real. There was never a “Really Chinese” restaurant in that location. But, the food prepared was by a Chinese restaurant, “Abby Chinese,” in the neighborhood with a B- rating.

Since this information has surfaced, Abby Hunt, the spokeswoman for the two sites, said that these listings are registered with the city Health Department’s database. If a restaurant is not registered with the Health Department, they cannot be accessed from the site. Though, these listings did not comply with the ethics of the NY Department of Consumer Affairs and have been taken down because of the erroneousness from the platforms.

Michelle Jones, a restaurant professional who helps keep kitchens in compliance with the law, says GrubHub and Seamless are not to be held accountable when and if the names and addresses of restaurants are false.

When attending or eating out of a restaurant poses two questions, what is worse: not knowing what is in the food we eat or not knowing the conditions of where our food is being made.

Which question is worse to not have answered? Probably both. Hopefully both.

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 3.18.46 PM

I feel you Kat, I feel you.


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